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[:en]Marc Chagall, the famous artist whose characters and cows fly over rooftops and landscapes, says that he was born dead. Dipped into a bucket of freezing water and pounded on his back, he finally let out his first cry.

In the film “Chagall-Malevich” Chagall comes into the world as his town and house are burning; he is dunked but the rest is not exactly history.

This film is one part fairy tale, one part cartoon, one part fantasy, and one part lesson in art history and political philosophy.

Chagall is a hopeful dreamer and fantasist, Konstantin Malevich is a hard-core abstract visionary, and both attempt to serve the Revolution while being true to their art. That’s a precarious place for an artist in a world of radical upheaval and rapidly shifting political manifestos, not to mention human emotions such as jealousy and betrayal.

This expressionistic film will be of interest to lovers of art and film technique, especially those who enjoy arguing whether art should elevate the masses or soothe the soul.

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