A talented person is talented in everything!
Kristii Schneider is the most vivid example of this saying! 
Combining two talents into one and being so young, Kristii reached enormous heights as a singer and as an actress.
Kristii played several roles in very serious feature films and has worked with famous directors such, as Larissa Sadilova, Sergey Bodrov, Alexander Mitta.

The education, the knowledge of 4 languages (German, English, French, Russian), the experience as an actress, the ability to feel freely in the world and her natural talent on camera and on stage help Kristii Schneider in her acting and musical career.

Kristii has a unique soprano voice, but the most striking is that she writes lyrics and melodies for her songs herself and organises, directs and choreographs her live shows and music videos.

On this page we will tell you all about the interesting news related to Kristii’s work, and most importantly, will introduce you to her new films, roles and music albums

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