[:de]Bilder von BIFF 2014[:en]Photographs from BIFF 2014[:ru]Пусанский международный кинофестиваль[:fr]Photographs from BIFF 2014[:]

Opening ceremony of the 19th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) held at the Busan Cinema Center.

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Kristii Schneider on the red carpet of BIFF 2014 Opening Ceremony

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Kristii Schneider with a filmmaker and director Kim Ki Duk

Kristina met her american fans living now in Korea. They were very active during Q&A at Kristina’s press-conference after the screening of “Chagall – Malevich”.

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Kristina with her fans after “Chagall – Malevich” press-conference

Not only Kristina graced the red carpet and met her fans, but also she was a great help to many delegations at the BIFF since her fluency in 5 languages (one of Kristina’s professions is an international journalist with knowledge of english and german languages), she helped with simultaneous interpreting at Q&A!

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Kristina’s working badge at the Busan Film Festival

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Kristii Schneider with her assistants at the Lotte Cinema before the screening of “Chagall – Malevich” 

Different fan-photographs taken of Kristina during festival days

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