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Kristii Schneider shared her impressions of the 26th Palm Springs International Film Festival

“Palm Springs International Film Festival is very cool! The photographers there are amazing, as are the producers and directors! The audience is receptive and watched our film “Chagall-Malevich” with an open heart, the audience said that as the main actress I did an excellent job in the film, it was nice to hear that. At the festival, I was lucky to meet amazing people and be in the center of everyone’s attention!

Here I am, surrounded by paparazzi, right before the screening of Boychoir at Palm Springs High School!

At the closing ceremony of the festival, Kristii Schneider looked as dazzling as always and immediately at the entrance to the Palm Springs High School, where the ceremony was held, was surrounded by paparazzi!

“Boychoir” is a very touching film that I felt close to. The film is about the life of a child who sang in a boys’ choir and music was his life, however, in his life there were many difficulties that he had to go through. This forced to show the firmness of his character, which allowed him to survive. I met actors Dustin Hoffman and Gareth Waring from the movie Boychoir personally, Gareth looks younger in real life than in the movie, but he turned out to be such a sweet boy, a real sunshine, at the closing ceremony of the 26th Palm Springs International Film Festival, we even made friends! The director of the film Francois Girard is very talented!

See my photos on official web-site of “Palm Springs Film Festival”.

– Kristii Schneider

At the closing ceremony of the 26th Palm Springs International Film Festival, Kristii Schneider met the star of the film Boychoir, young actor Gareth Waring.