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Atlanta Jewish Film Festival 2015

Chagall-Malevich is included in the Programme of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival 2015.

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Event Description

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) is a cinematic exploration of Jewish life, culture and history. Seeking to use the power of film to both entertain and educate, AJFF challenges conventional perspectives on complex and challenging issues facing both the Jewish and global communities. This 15th year of the festival features 65 films from more than 25 countries that explore the Jewish experience. These stories will take the audience on a trip around the world, from Sweden to South Africa to Ethiopia to Uruguay, as well as through time, with historical epics set in the Middle Ages to tense stories from the founding of the state of Israel. Romance, comedy, action and adventure are just a few of the genres featured at this year’s AJFF. Screenings will be hosted at seven theatrical venues and are supplemented by guest appearances with filmmakers, actors, authors, academics and other expert speakers.