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2017 Nika Awards Performance

Kristii will be performing at the prestigious Nika Film Awards, next week. Movie director Alexander Mitta is being awarded in recognition for his contribution to Russian cinema arts. Mr Mitta directed Kristii in the lead role of his 2014 film, Chagall – Malevich.
Coinciding with the director’s award, Kristii has been invited to provide musical entertainment for the evening. It will be a happy reunion of the actor and director as Kristii also performed the main track for Mr Mitta’s 2014 film.



Kristii Schneider and Leonid Bichevin in Chagall – Malevich


Mr Mitta directing Kristii and Semyon Shkalikov
Alexander Mitta, Kristii Schneider, Leonid Bichevin

Chagall-Malevich | Official Trailer on YouTube.